Blink up , never blinks

Hello, my device went off line. it is a rachio 1
i am in the app trying to use the blinkup, but the app never starts blinking
I get the nag dialog about flashing lights
click the “got it”, then press the “blink up” button
no blink and the app immediately goes to “we are still having trouble”

is any one else having this issue?


I am having what sounds like a similar issue. The house is a rental and we had old tenants leave (WiFi disconnected) and new tenants move in (new WiFi). So I went over today to reconnect my Gen 1 controller. The steps say to wait until the green WiFi light is blinking, and if it’s not blinking, unplug/plug back in. But no matter how many times I unplugged the unit - and no matter how long I waited (I even tried waiting more than 25 minutes) - aa soon as I plugged it back in, the light was solid green. Does this describe your issue as well?