Blackout times

It would be good if a window or multiple windows could be entered in which the system would schedule around. I.e. times when I know family members shower or overnight (9pm to 3am) when I don’t want the sprinklers to run.


I like this idea too, for those of us with wells this would be a huge feature. Having poor water pressure in the shower is no fun.

Also, this could allow us to explicitly set up our watering restrictions (i.e. make the blackouts global).

I would even go so far as to suggest that the user is presented with any “Watering Restrictions” Screen first, before programming ANY schedules, so that it can be used/referenced/shown when setting up any fixed and flexible watering schedules.

The next level of this: figure out how to get municipalities to create watering restriction configurations that can be loaded from their websites or that they can set up through Rachio that your Rachio automatically downloads during setup based on location/zip code (but make it optional/overridable).

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