Better tracking of rain sensor activation and accuracy

This will probably fall more under a data-geek area than anything else. Our closest NWS station is ~3 miles from the home and means we can see varied precipitation depending on what kind of storm rolls through. I have our Hunter Mini-Clik rain sensor enabled as I’d prefer to kill any running schedule if we’re getting completely dumped on, then let the Rachio catch up later if it needs to.

Today it seems we only have rain sensor activated and deactivated messages kind of buried in the device status stream. At a minimum I’d like to see the deactivated message include how long the device was active for so I don’t have to do a manual calculation. Seeing “Rain sensor deactivated after DD:HH:MM of being active” would be helpful.

The sensor itself can be adjusted (see below) to become activated with different levels of rain and then how long it takes to evaporate. I didn’t install it and haven’t monkeyed with it yet, but it would be nice to try and find a happy medium where the evaporation rate of the sensor sort of mimics the calculated crop evapotranspiration value in the moisture level chart.