Better flexibility for Restricted Users

I live in an area with water restrictions and need to have multiple schedules that use the “before sunrise” or at “sunset” times but I can’t set those up automatically because Rachio only allows one per controller. When I asked about this, I was told it would conflict with FLEX…which I don’t use. I don’t understand why the controller can’t stack conflicting sunrise/sunset programs the way it does with fixed times.

This came up again today when I had to add a different schedule for my lawn watering to accommodate my landscaper. I water the lawn on that day in the evening rather than in the morning, but I have other drip schedules that run at sunset so I ended up setting my lawn schedule at a fixed time…which at some point in the year, will end up conflicting with “sunset” anyway. Why can’t the timer do the necessary calculations so I don’t have to readjust it manually throughout the year?