Best wi-fi option for renters

Hoping someone has a suggestion: I am leasing my house for a year or two and want to make sure my landscaping stays healthy with proper irrigation. Should I continue to pay for my internet service and provide free wi-fi (to which the Rachio Gen2 is currently connected) - or stipulate that the renter install internet access and connect Rachio via their wi-fi? My Charter internet goes down occasionally but only once did I actually have to re-connect the Rachio to the wi-fi - it usually comes back online by itself eventually.

Ubiquiti UniFi gear would let you easily create multiple SSIDs with different passwords. From there you could have a home infrastructure network and then charge the renter a fee (or include in rent) to use a different network SSID for internet access.

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I had that before (not for rachio) and the tenants downloaded torrents and whatnot I got all the notices. So, be careful with that.

I haven’t used it but something like this might work The plan is 500MB free each month so not a lot of data but I am not sure if Rachio needs more than that.


Thank you - good thing to investigate.

Thanks - I will look into that option.

Thank you I will look into that option!