Best Settings for Succulents

I am in Southern California and most of my yard is succulents. These plants need very little water and too much causes root rot. There is no setting on Rachio for succulents that I can find. On our prior system we would typically not water them at all during winter months, due to a combination of occasional rain and their lack of need when it is not hot, then in summer maybe once every couple of weeks.

It looks like an option would be to set the Allowed Depletion to very high (e.g. 100%), but I’m not clear if that would result in longer gaps in watering. Perhaps there are better adjustments.

Have you tried the Xeriscape zone type? It is for succulents, cactus and yucca.
From the zones page, click on the zone you want to change. Click “edit” your zone and change the “zone type”. If you click on the “i” to the left of each zone it explains what the zone type is best used for.

Thank you. Yes, I’ve decided to move to that zone type as potentially being closest to my plant types. The challenge is that xeriscape, as defined generally and as noted in the Rachio photo, typically involves cactus and similar in a stone or dirt environment. Think Phoenix yards with no greenery other than rocks and a few cacti. This is quite different from succulents, that offer full ground cover and lots of greenery. But it may be that starting from the xeriscape setting and adding greater moisture in some way is the closest option.