Best Rain Sensors

I installed my new Rachio today and wanted to know if anyone could recommend the best rain sensor to get?

If you’re looking for wireless, Rainbird WR2 was easy to install and is working well for me with the Iro. It also has a user replaceable battery which Hunter Rain Clik does not. I used a Rain Click with my Hunter controller and it generally worked fine, so expect it would with the Iro also. For about the same cost, I think the Rainbird is better engineered and easier to install and use.

Thank you msdowdie …how often do you have to change your battery?

My previous Hunter Rain Clik lasted something like 5 years. Of course the problem is once the battery is done, the sensor is done. Meanwhile, Hunter redesigned just enough that it would require replacing the whole sensor and rewiring rather than just replacing the transmitter. :smirk:

I haven’t had the WR2 long enough to know, but specs say 4 or more years battery life under normal conditions. It uses common button cell batteries. I just don’t want to have to replace and re-wire the whole thing after a few years as I did with the Hunter. The Rainbird just seems like a higher quality product all around.

The only thing the Hunter had going for it (which may or may not actually be an advantage) is that the sensor trips almost immediately when rain starts. The Rainbird takes a few minutes to trip. The drawback of Hunter’s approach is that you may quit watering when there’s not much more than a sprinkle. With Rainbird, you may water for a few minutes unnecessarily, but you won’t skip a schedule when there hasn’t been enough rain to make a difference to the grass.

Excellent feedback! About how far is your sensor to the receiver? I would want to put the receiver in my basement where my sprinkler system is. Would I be able to put it up on a rain gutter outside of the house about 50’ from the receiver?

Fantastic, love this feedback!

BTW - I’m going to build one more IFTTT trigger, which will make rain sensor interaction, and every interaction (events) with the Iro made into a recipe. Stay tuned.



Mine is about 50 feet away from the receiver, going through a brick wall, but on the same level. Signal is fine there. If you have a questionable signal situation, that’s another really good reason to go with the Rainbird WR2. It shows you signal strength on the receiver display and with blinks on the transmitter when you’re installing, so you can see where it will work and where it won’t. Specs say 700 feet with line of sight. I’ve learned not to try to guess with RF – too many variables seen and unseen.

Did you go the dual rain and freeze sensor or just the rain sensor?

I just did the rain. I shut my system down for the winter the first time I see a 32 in the forecast, so not an issue for me.

IIRC, the Iro is not supposed to water if the temp is below freezing anyway (cloud intelligence) so there may not be much benefit for the extra cost of the freeze sensor.

Great … again thank you very much for your help!

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@rsghowellnj, we support this rain sensor (wiring tips)

We also support this rain sensor (wiring tips)

Please see this support article on rain sensors for a full list of supported rain sensors that we have tested in house.

Hope this helps :smile:

I have two Rachio’s (gen 2) due to having more than 16 zones. Do I need to purchase two rain sensors (one for each), or can i split the wiring so that one rain sensor connects to both Rachio’s?

@brad, what do you think about splitting the wiring like this?

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