Behavior after a rain on fixed schedule. What to expect

I’m on water restrictions, so I am running a fixed schedule Sun Wed and Friday. I have weather and climate settings turned on. So when we had rainfall predicted for Sunday, the device appropriately skipped watering on Sunday morning.

I’m curious – will the device still water on Wednesday? Will it water , but with reduced times? Will it not water at all? No rain is predicted, but we received a pretty good downpour Sunday into Monday, and with the mild weather and wet soil, the plants could probably go until Friday without a water.

Just curious what to expect, will the unit modify the scheduled watering or would I manually cancel the cycle for Wednesday. Thanks!

Hey @motifone-
Just to clarify, are you running fixed or flex? Title says flex but your post says fixed, so want to make sure!
I’m going to guess fixed, and if you have climate skip on, your schedule will most likely skip. I can’t gaurantee, as this can be impacted by zone settings, but it will see if all of your zones are able to make it to Friday with enough moisture in the tank, and if they are able to it will skip! If you want more info, you can check out this support document:
Let me know if I can answer any other questions!
McKynzee :rachio:

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Yes thanks for catching that. I meant fixed and changed the title. Your explanation makes sense given zone and how climate setting works. I’ll keep an eye on it this Wednesday and see what happens. Thanks!