Bay Area and Fog

Hi, I live in the Bay Area, In this area, especially where I live, it is very foggy in the morning. So the lawn always has a lot of dew and moister on it. Does the Rachio take that into account when it monitors the weather? Should it and/or should I? If I see it is going to be foggy in the mornings, should I change the schedule to reduce the frequency?


@Amir, great question. We can always change the start time of your watering time (or issue a manual rain delay), however the Iro will not automatically skip the watering unless a rain delay is activated. I’ll do some digging into fog/scheduling and will be in touch.

Hi @Amir,

I did some research on your fog question and the answers are mixed on the subject with the biggest question being “how dense is the fog in your area?”

With that in mind, the City of Davis provides a nice resource, compliments of UC Davis Integrated Pest Management to help determine the watering needs of your micro-climate given the turf species you’re watering.

Could you do me a favor and let me know your turf species per the UC Davis IPM website? I’ll then do some cross checking of our algorithms.

Thanks, Emil