Basic schedule graph

How do I find a basic visual graph showing me when the zones are scheduled?

Also, is it true that when I set my zones as “Drip Lines” that the “Cycle and Soak” program doesn’t not work, even through it asked me if I wanted it to?

Day view?

Yes. A work around is to change the type of nozzle and set the precipitation rate equivalent to your drip line. Then it should work as intended.


Hi. I did not find my answer in your reply. Where to I find the graph shown in the attached picture from the app?

In schedule creation that is a static graph when choosing smart cycle for your schedule.


So, are you saying that for $250 I do not get a visual overview showing me all my zones and when they are scheduled to water?

And, I have to manipulate the zone settings to achieve routines promoted by the scheduler?

And, I just went through the issues when your app was broken by an iOS update. And, “Weather Plus” is telling my controller not to run because it rained today…except it did not.

Orbit has an online solution for less then 1/2 the price of the controller, and you don’t have to pay extra for the outdoor cover. And it already has an outdoor power cord. I am extremely disappointed with this controller, especially for the price.

Our calendar and day view will show you schedules that are planned on running. If you tap on individual days it will show you zones. Apologies if you were expecting a to see every zone running on the calendar. For customers with more than about 4 zones I believe this would not be visually possible.

Can you provide more context on what type of zone manipulation you have to perform?

If you would like to select a personal weather station near your house you can do this under weather intelligence. We currently have about 400,000 stations to choose from. I bet there is one less than a mile from your house. You can also adjust the precipitation threshold down in which we skip watering.

We stand by our controller and advanced features, and continued support we provide. If you feel like the value is not there that’s disappointing to our team but we understand individual customer preferences.

Have a great day.