Bank WIfi with guest credentials

HI all, I am not new to Rachio I have set up several at homes in my town. But I have run into an issue with a local bank, the Wi-Fi credentials allow access to a public access point but in order to get past the “intranet” to the “internet” I’ve been given a 2nd set of credentials. Is this possible with Rachio?
If so can someone point me in the right direction. I am not having any luck getting connected.

Basically, once you connect to the Wi-Fi with the 1st set of credentials, you are presented with a Web page asking you to enter the 2nd set of credentials to get internet access. Sort of like when you are at an Airport or Hotel, where you have to accept terms and conditions etc.

@rastam4n - I don’t think Rachio supports that configuration.

If possible, get them to whitelist the Rachio’s MAC address. These ‘walled garden’ guest access systems generally have a web based admin console. With luck, the bank’s IT guy knows about it and can set it up for you.

Next option, if it’s only necessary to do the second login once: After provisioning the Rachio (it’s stuck with quadrant 3 blinking), power it off, use your laptop to spoof the Rachio’s MAC and log in, then shut down the laptop and quickly power on the Rachio. With luck it will connect. Unfortunately, depending on details of their router, this may not survive a power failure or reboot of the router.

Otherwise, set up an intermediate device that connects to the bank system, performs the secondary login as needed, and provides clean Wi-Fi to the Rachio. I believe that most ‘prosumer’ routers (Mikrotik, Ubiquiti, etc.) support scripting that can do this. Or, get a consumer router that can install and run third-party firmware such as OpenWrt. Or, put together a Raspberry Pi or similar, set up as a Wi-Fi extender.

Another option is to ignore the bank’s system and set up a mobile hotspot. There are several choices of MVNO with sufficient data at $5/mo. or less.