Bamboo hedge - which Rachio type?

I have a bamboo hedge (Phyllostachys aureosulcata f. aureocaulis). Which Zone Type do I choose?

Plant type affects Rachio’s defaults for two parameters: root depth and crop coefficient. A quick google search shows that bamboo’s roots grow 2-3 feet. I couldn’t find any crop coefficient data on bamboo.

Since the default root depth for trees is 25", for shrubs - 15", and for perannials - 9", I would go with Tree. What will happen then, is that Rachio will schedule infrequent deep waterings. If bamboo doesn’t like dried out soil, then go with Shrubs.

Another consideration is that there is a big difference in Crop Coefficient defaults between Trees and Shrubs, with Trees having a much higher number which means that Rachio will try to give it more water. Since bamboo doesn’t have as many leaves as a regular tree I’m guessing that it has lower transpiration. So you may have to just watch how well your bamboo is doing and be ready to decrease the Crop Coefficient in Advanced settings if it looks like it’s being overwatered.

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Thanks Beranes!