Bad day for my Iro

My As Needed schedule didn’t run this morning (I emailed tech support so I’m having a converstation with you guys that way), and now I’m getting all the pushed alerts to my phone for my manual watering I did like 6 hours after the fact.

I haven’t even touched my system since I manually ran it 10 hours ago. I keep getting bombarded with notifications.

This is due to an issue our third party notification provider is having. They are working on a resolution.

I’ll have the development team research the scheduling question you had regarding this morning and followup with you directly.


Does this also explain why I wasn’t getting Rain Sensor alerts yesterday? I had just installed the sensor, and could not, for the life of me, figure out why I wasn’t getting alerts. But today I see them.

@ChicagoAndy More than likely for the push notifications, the events in your history tab should all have been working correctly.