Bad Credentials Logon Error

I have a Rachio Gen 1. I have an iPhone 4s with iOS 9.3.5 and Rachio App 2.9.2. In trying to logon I now get a Bad Credentials error. If I logon on with my later generation iPad with Rachio App v 3.3 it logs on fine using the same user name & password.

Once you’ve migrated to version 3.x of our app you can not use the older 2.x version of our app.


It would have been nice if Rachio had advised app users of that fact before offering the upgrade. As a result I can no longer use Rachio on my iPhone and am forced to upgrade to a newer model at substantial expense if I want to use it via cellular data rather than Wi-Fi.

Sorry for any confusion, I think you should still be able to use the webapp ( on your iPhone?


As a walk around you can always use the web interface “” from your iPhone and select Login. You will see the same interface as if you were using the application.

Unfortunately, the web app doesn’t work on my iPhone either. All it brings up is the Rachio icon. No logon screen or anything else. The web app works fine on my iPad running iOS 11.

What is the iPhone model?


Sorry for the confusion, the webapp is not supported on iPhone 4s. I apologize for any inconvenience. I’m glad that you can use the webapp on the iPad.


I am also having this issue. I just got a new iPad and downloaded the Rachio app. Once that happened, I couldn’t use my iPhone 6 app. It doesn’t support the new app and I can’t open or
I am not happy with the app on the ipad because I don’t carry that around with me. Is there any way to get back the use of the app on my iphone instead?

Your help is most appreciated.


The app should work on your iPhone. Did you download the latest V3 of the app?


It said that my IOS did not support the newer version so the old one was downloaded.

Hmm…if you are on iPhone 6 you should be able to upgrade the phone operating system to support the app. I believe our minimum version is iOS 10.3. Will that be an option?


I currently have10.0.3. I don’t know if I can upgrade the iOS. If I do, the rachio app should work?

I believe that 10.3 is the minimum version of iOS we support. If you are able to upgrade the phone our new app should be able work for you. Hope this helps.

I don’t think I can upgrade the iOS. Does that mean I’m out of luck? No other options?

According to Apple the iPhone 6 is compatible with iOS 11 so you should be able to upgrade the iOS with no problem. Go to Settings, General, Software Uodate and you phone will check for & download the latest iOS. You need to be connected via Wi-Fi to upgrade the software.

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If you do have an iPhone 6, definitely should be able to get the upgrade. Otherwise the phone isn’t an iPhone 6 or somehow got “rooted” or “jailbroke” and can’t upgrade over the air (stuck at checking for updates forever). Could try connecting the iPhone 6 via the Lightning to USB cable, launch iTunes, and try upgrading iOS there. Apple has plenty of support docs on how to do that:

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Completely Unacceptable. I’ve been trying to figure out for months now why my rachio app no longer works. Same issue as OP. I have Iphone 4, and version 2.9.2 of the app which was worked fine since I’ve had it. Suddenly I’m receving a “Bad Credentials” message on my app.

Based on this thread, it appears the problem is that Rachio has released a new version of the software, and within that update is a feature that stops previous versions of the app from working. In my case, my wife got a new phone and installed the app. Since I’m still on 2.9.2, mine no longer works, nor can I upgrade, nor did I pay for a system to work over a web interface.

While I accept that Rachio should not support prior versions of the APP, I find it deeply concerning that an update has been posted that, when downloaded, causes prior versions to no longer function as purchased. There is no good reason that downloading a version 3.x should cause version 2.9.3 to cease functioning.

In 2016 HP was forced to roll back a printer firmware update. The firmware update Hp had rolled out caused HP printers to reject 3rd party cartridges. Consumers who downloaded and installed the firmware suddenly found that they could no longer use their printer as it suddenly gave “Cartridge Error” messages.

This is a similar situation with Rachio. Consumers purchased the Rachio device for use with a particular 3rd party product & app and then Rachio issued a new update that has caused users of the old app version to no longer have access to their device.

Hopefully Rachio can review this oversight and post a fix so we are not bricked.

If not, I would certainly be advising everyone I know against this device, as the developers could post a new update at any time, an update that causes the device to no longer work as was expected at time of purchase.

Hi @ahschulz!

I’m so sorry for the frustration here. Unfortunately, a lot of the features in V3.0+ require more operating power, which some older operating systems simply cannot support. This happens from time to time in tech and while we wish that we could keep all of our users, regardless of OS, updated within the app, we cannot always make it work. I truly apologize for the disappointment.

While there is no possible fix for the app itself, there are a few options:

  1. You can continue to use the Rachio Web App from your phone’s browser without issue.
  2. You can also continue to use the Rachio Web App from a computer, tablet, or Kindle
  3. We can buy your controller back from you.

If you prefer to go the controller buy-back route, please shoot an email to our support team at with your receipt and the subject line: V2 Controller Buy Back and we can get that squared away as soon as possible.

Again, we apologize for the frustration and hope to work with you to make things right.

-Lo :rachio:

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