Backflow prevention with hanging planters

So far, I have a single drip irrigation zone set up with my Rachio. It’s in the front yard and uses an anti-siphon valve that’s raised maybe 6 inches off the ground: definitely higher than any of the emitters.

I’d like to add a second and third zone to water window boxes, hanging planters, and hanging baskets in my back and side yards. They’re all 4-6 feet off the ground. Is there an alternative to running pipes from my water line up seven feet to an anti-siphon valve for each zone?

In this post @kevinro suggested

A backflow preventer at the main hose spigot will suffice. Then just have a solenoid valve at each zone. That should do the trick.

But these zones are on opposite sides of the house. I’d have to run lines 50 or 100 feet around the house (either before or after the valves) if they’re all going to connect at one source.

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Only way to make this work is use a pressure vacuum breaker/backflow preventer as stated in the post you reference.

Typically you would want to install prior to the main coming into your home, but you could install a secondary on off a hose bibb on that side of the house, and run your zones from that point.

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