Backflow device and anti siphon valves

has anyone installed the wireless flow meter using anti siphon valves, but not a backflow device?
seems redundant to use both, but I’m not an expert,
thank you,

From what I understand it comes down to code compliance. You may have anti-siphon valves installed, but they will not meet code requirements for the back flow prevention in residential irrigation systems, or at least not in many areas if at all.

I see, so its for code compliance reasons,

thx for your response!

i think it also depends on how your watersupply comes to your house. in my country you can safely drink tap water, but for this reason most houses don’t have a seperate water supply for the garden. Thus because any pest or fermentation will then directly go to your drinking water, regulation are tight but enforcement not so much (we get rain enough with little shortage of supply -still-). Even then (without penalties) I personally think siphone valves just aren’t safe enough if it is directly connected to your drinking water in any way. You’re simply not protected against a number of backflow possibilities. I wouldn’t risk it with the kids. :slight_smile:


thats a good point, thx for the reply

Different municipalities have a different stance on this. Some will allow anti-siphon valves, some won’t. Anti-siphon valves are completely safe to use if installed and functioning correctly, and obviously installed on EVERY valve in the system. You do not want to use both anti-siphon and a backflow though.

Me personally, I’d install a backflow device with standard solenoid valves. That way the valves can be buried in a sub-grade irrigation box and not sticking up in the are 3 feet…

ok, thank you for the reply