AZ watering

Hello! New to Rachio and want to make sure I set my system up for success. I live in hot, sunny AZ and have two 24” box trees and 72 five gallon bushes.

Based on Rachio’s flex daily schedule it’s looking like it’s only going to water 1-2 times a week for the following times.

Trees: 4hrs and 23 minutes
Bushes: 3hrs and 16 minutes

Does this sound right?

This time of year, that seems a too frequent. Right now, my trees zones are still spread about 14-16 days apart, and shrubs are still about 10-12. We’ve had a lot of rain though, so those spreads might be a bit skewed right now…For hot summer months, a couple times a week for shrubs is about right, once every 6-7 days for trees is about right. Time matches pretty close to what I have, but to say that it is correct is impossible to know, without knowing what type of drip emitters you have, and how many per tree.

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