Auxiliary pump on or off for each zone

My current controller Hunter Pro C has a feature that allows me to turn an aux pump on or off for each zone. Its something I can not live without. Any work arounds or suggestions. Would this be something Rachio may add in future?


We’ve had that request and it makes a lot of sense. I don’t see it for this watering season, but we are rebuilding our underlying infrastructure and client apps, and will be incorporating features like this that have been asked for and will be simpler to introduce into our new software.

Hope this helps, I will make sure out product team sees this as another vote for this feature.


Thanks Franz, will look for it in future products.

This is a feature that I also need. My system is piped so that culinary water is used for the drip system zone and the rest of the zones on a pump from canal water. Having an option to not start the pump for each zone would be awesome ! Thanks