Automatically reschedule when Rain Delay is activated but it doesn't actually rain

I received a Rain Delay email earlier this week from Rachio. Great! The only problem is that it didn’t end up raining in my zip code during that 48 hour period. The auto-schedule that Iro set up for me wasn’t going to kick in again until the weekend, so I had to manually run the cycle the following morning since the email was sent at 4:45 AM (15 minutes before the normal scheduled start).

A couple of feature suggestions:

  1. Could the Weather Intelligence feature attempt to account for the % chance rain in addition to the forecasted total amount? For example “The weather service in your area has predicted a 65% chance of 0.54 inches of precipitation over a 48 hour period. The current threshold used to determine rain delay is a 50% chance of 0.25 inches of precipitation.”

  2. Given the situation described above, would it be possible for Iro to retroactively determine that it did NOT rain in the 48 hour period and then automatically readjust the schedule to activate earlier to compensate for this?

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This would be so helpful. Here on the Front Range of Colorado “the possibility of afternoon or evening thundershowers” is in the forecast nearly every summer day. The chance that they actually occur at your home is low. And, a storm might dump an inch of rain two miles away while you get just a few drips. I would really like to see the irrigation schedule determined by both the forecast and a prior period actuals.

@JimAskew‌ and @ted_chappell‌ This is exactly how we will continue to build upon and improve the functionality of our Weather Intelligence. Great points!

This is something I would like as well and have been discussing it with Emil via email. Also, being able to adjust the threshold when watering will be skipped would be nice as well.

Another excellent idea. +1 Even if the app just allowed me to go back in and hit a “re-schedule” button to schedule the most recent “skipped” event for the next day would be awesome!

+1 for everything already said in this post, I have encountered the same problem.

@JimAskew‌ @Sami‌ @isaiah1112‌ @alexrodriguez‌ Our 1.5 release (Android today, iOS as soon as accepted by Apple) will allow you to dial the sensitivity of weather intelligence. Also, this release includes ‘one click’ schedule start if we incorrectly skipped a schedule and you want to start manually. I like the re-schedule button, that could come in a later release. As always thanks for all the feedback!

I just got an Iro recently. I see this post is over a year old. Any updates to this great enhancement? Central Oregon is notorious for predicted rainfall not actualizing. Thanks