Automatic Weather Intelligence- 0.00 rain during 3 days of rain

Rachio 3
Flex Monthly Schedule
Weather Intel - ALL ON
Rain Skip - .125"
WInd Skip - 20mph
Freeze Skip - 32*
Location - Punta Gorda, FL

As you may know, we are in the middle of the tropical storm turned hurricane, turned Tropical storm, back to hurricane in South Florida right now. It has been raining for several days. And today with 100% chance or rain. 2" of forcasted rain, my Rachio decided the lawn wasn’t mushy enough and went through a watering schedule.

i checked the the history records and…

Automatic weather intelligence update
Whole Yard was not skipped because your weather station manual observed: 0.00" of predicted and 0.00" of observed precipitation.

I left the App pick the weather station to use. I have since turned on the PWS and picked one that is 4 miles from my house.

Right now I have the system turned off because I am not at the house in FL but I am in PA right now. I got the Rachio so I didn’t have to deal with the watering system when I wasn’t there. I am worried to turn the system back on because it might be watering again when not needed. I have no way to check this myself when not there. My neighbor was nice enough and told me today it was watering in the rain today.

Any advice on what I should be doing?