Automatic standby for wastewater averaging

Is there a way to set my controller to automatically go to standby mode based on the calendar? We need to turn our system off in November and back on in February. Summer wastewater is calculated from winter water use. As this is an annual schedule, it would be nice to program it into the controller with on/off dates. Can this be done?

There is no current way to automate that feature.


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@franz would really love this feature. I live in Austin, TX which also does wastewater averaging. Ideally for me you’d just let me set a start and end date on my schedule and I’d mark the whole schedule as yearly recurring. As an alternative if you could remove the restriction preventing multiple non-overlapping schedules from both being set to a specific time period I could just setup one schedule per year for the next 10 years :smiley: At the moment I’ve got to set a yearly calendar reminder to go setup a new schedule

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Another name in the hat for this feature. Currently have a calendar entry to remind me when to turn it off and on. If you miss this and water your lawn during the window they measure, it can cost you hundreds of dollars a month in unnecessary wastewater billing all year… don’t ask me how I know. :frowning: