Automatic Seasonal Day/Night Adjustment

I live in the desert. Not only is it required by city ordinance, but it’s also just a good idea, to water at night during the Summer and during the day in Winter.
I’d love if I could set the transition months, in Rachio and let it handle the adjustments automatically.

Example: I need to water after 8am in the starting in November, and after 8pm starting in May.

The only reason I really want fixed months that the switch happens is because of the ordinance. Ultimately it would be even better if Rachio could detect that it was going to be too hot to water during the day, or too cold to water during the night.

I submitted this via email, but the response suggested it might get some traction here as well.

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Love the suggestion, @s7726 :slight_smile: Thanks for sharing! I’ll make sure the team sees this!