Automatic increase /reduce sprinkler duration depending on weather temperature increase/decrease

My city San Ramon, California weather has an issue, the temperature increases/decreases by 10 degree Fahrenheit from one day to next. Can your app allow watching the weather and allowing automatic increase /reduce water irrigation duration if temperature increases or decreases by 10 degree.

I don’t believe increasing minutes is the most efficient approach. If you are watering enough to fill up your zone’s field capacity (think of it as a bucket being filled with water to the top), and you just add more water the bucket will overflow. We have a schedule type called flex daily which will automatically adjust to temperature changes. It tracks soil moisture levels and when the zone is depleted will water. If the zone is getting depleted faster (i.e. hotter temperatures) it will water more frequently. The great thing is as temperatures decrease it will water less frequently. Watering duration does not change with flex daily schedules. Flex daily schedules aren’t for everyone since they take some getting used to but work really well for some folks.

My recommendation is to start with one zone, see if you like it, then apply to other zones if it makes sense.

Here is some more information.

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