Automatic delay between zones

I have a suggestion for a new feature that is present on most irrigation controllers.
We should have the option of introducing a delay of 10-20-30 minutes between zones on a given program.
This helps significantly with the water pressure on systems that run on a well with a longer recovery time.
For now I have created an individual program for each station and I had to calculate the start time on every zone in order to allow for recovery time but I think this would be a desirable feature in the future, especially since it was easy to use it on the old controller.

@lungulescua‌ Are you looking to implement cycle and soak? If so we have a feature called Smart Cycle that you can turn on for any watering time and it will automatically create a cycle and soak schedule for you. Here are some postings on our support:

No, I was looking to prevent a program from running all stations one after another as my well will lose pressure after an hour of continuous running. I usually run each zone for 25-30 minutes and I want to leave about 20-25 minutes between zones to let the well recover. If I do not let the well recover the pressure will drop and I will get a lot of debris sucked up from the well. With the delay between zones the irrigation worked perfectly for the last 2 yrs.

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@lungulescua‌ Ah, ok, I understand now. Yeah, this sounds like a really useful feature for you. I will add it to our feature backlog. Thanks for sharing!

Thank you for a great product!

I’m looking forward to purchasing your product, however I require that the “Well Saver” delay between zones be available before I will purchase. This is a fundamental option for any home irrigation controller. While my current controller only provides one set delay between zones, I would imagine that it’s more appropriate and a one-up to instead have the minutes of delay based upon a % (0-1000, where 1000= 10x) of the prior zone minutes.

Need a well saver delay. Such a core feature and useful for more than just “giving your well time to recharge”. Really excited to get a Rachio but won’t be getting it until this feature is documented.