Automatic cool down based on local weather data


This has to have been mentioned, but here goes:
How about an automatic cool down watering. Part of weather intelligence the opposite of a skip a quick added watering for days when the lawn is in danger of burn due to local conditions. 3-5 min duration, just something to take advantage of evaporative cooling.

Guessing this has been suggested, if it has been implemented how can I access this?

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I agree this would be nice. I created a separate schedule called “Cool Down” with fixed runtimes (5 min per zone), starting at 2:30 pm. I then disabled the schedule so it doesn’t try to run every day. If I need to do a cool down, I will enable it for that day, or just do a quick run whenever I think about it. It’s a manual process but it’s the best I was able to figure out.

Thanks @BradMI, I will do the same - smart workaround.