Automated seasonal blowout of sprinkler lines

I would like Rachio scheduling to provide:

  1. The ability to set run times at less than the current lower limit of 1 min.
  • It would be nice to set increments of 30 seconds or less.
  1. A feature to schedule a “pause” for a period of time within the schedule.
  • This would be much like a zone, but it is a “pause” zone that does not trigger any of the valves (while the air compressor is filling back up).
  • Would need to include the pause multiple times in a schedule.
  1. The ability to set a schedule that allows for repeating a zone.
  • Would need to be able to repeat multiple times in a schedule.

The example scenario for using this:
I can hook up my air compressor to the system, and I should be able to run each zone multiple times with recovery time in between while the air compressor gets back up to pressure.
Zone 1 runs 30 sec of air (since I have the water turned off), “pause” for 2 min to allow compressor to get back to pressure, then run zone 1 again for 30 seconds, then recharge for 2 min.
repeat as many times as necessary.
Run zone 2 for 30 seconds to blow out, followed by 2 min “pause” for compressor recharge.
allow setting to repeat as many times as needed, and for each zone.

This is a schedule I would run each year when it is time to blowout my sprinklers. This sure would be much nicer than sitting out in the sleet or snow (usually when i end up doing this task) just to turn the valves on and off as the air compressor is refilled.

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Won’t work — at least not reliably across divergent systems.

Example from my own yard: Standing outside if I institute a ‘manual’ run at the least possible time in some cases no water will flow at all because it took too long for the system to react. Granted, that’s water vs. pressurized air.

Maybe what you need is a custom program through an API that is made exclusively for ‘winterizing’ the system using pressurized air. Depending on the length of the pipe runs it would seem that could work… maybe.

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A “winterize” program is a terrific idea. I think it will require the “less than 1 minute” feature others are requesting.