Auto resume watering options with delay postpone schedule(s) / zone(s)

I currently have two schedules divided up; one zone planters every day, and the other five turf zones grouped together every other day. I have wished that certain zones (example back and side yard) or all (five) turf zones be postponed due to lawn applications or projects needing to be left out. Prefer not having to be available or try to remember to manually turn on zone(s).

I would like to see or know a way to delay / postpone a schedule and / or zones for a set time (hours), day(s) with resume options:

Follow next schedule.
Immediate watering (for earlier missed schedule) and resume normal schedule.
Reset start day for new every; other, third, fourth… day with next scheduled start time.


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@gtrain Are you thinking we would add these to the current “Rain Delay” feature? Maybe adding more options to that?
Would you want to have this option for individual schedules or individual zones?

Had not seen the rain delay menu until your reply. Doesn’t rain enough to use that feature as named, but is a start to solving my concern. Adding those options I listed would be nice. I would like to see control over both individual schedules and individual zones.

Great! Thanks for elaborating. I like the idea of making that a little more customizable. I’ll make sure to get these to the product team!

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If the rain delay offered “hours” as well as days, that would be helpful. In other words, caste acdelay for “4 hours” with automatic resume rather than being limited to a minimum of 1 day delay.

Both in zones AND schedule.

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