Australia Rachio 2 - Single Weather Station or Weather Network?

I’ve had 2 x Gen 2’s for years and working great and recently changed to an ecowitt weather station as the Netatmo’s were no longer supported by WU. Around the same time:

  • We had some new lawn laid and new rotors
  • I saw the app had “Weather Intelligence Plus” and recommended that I use “Weather Network” instead of my single “Weather Station”.
  • Got the usual “Season is changing” notification.

All seemed fine for the last couple of months, but we had a string of hot days (30c+) while I was away for the last week or so and now my lawn looks deadish in patches as the Rachio it did not run at all.

Is there anything weird using Rachio 2 with Weather Network in Australia as when I’m looking at this option in a Web Browser it shows no weather stations, but if I go into “Weather Stations” I see all the ones around me (including my own). Should I stick with “Weather Network” or go back to using my own “Weather Station”?

The other potential issue, is the new rotors are pumping out a different vol of water so I’m playing with some of the advanced settings.


Are you using Flex Daily ? Is your location correctly set ?

As I understand it, it was only in the past 6 months that the Rachio is now Weather aware Worldwide - when previously it was only USA and Canada.

If you are using a fixed schedule and if you maybe have even one free zone on one of your controllers, why not setup Flex Schedule on a spare zone, and make all zone configuration the same, and simulate running a Flex schedule, and observe the difference

Yup using Flex Daily and the location is correctly set.

If it’s there for years, it might be worth re-creating it. In my case, I had to set a duration per zone as it wouldn’t calculate it.

Whereas now, it will calculate durations for watering automatically

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For the record (maybe too late for you :unamused:), although Netatmo have dropped integration to Weather Underground, there is a workaround that means my 2 x Rachio 2’s are still using data from my Netatmo weather stations.

To set up a link between Netatmo and WU, go to

I seem to remember the MeteoWare link failed when I had 2 Netatmo weather stations on the same Netatmo account although this was subsequently resolved by creating 2 new Netatmo accounts and ensuring only one weather station is visible on each.