August Usage - Missing 8/1

Good morning

I was reviewing August usage so far and I noticed Aug 1st (Wed) was missing. My water days are Wed and Sat.

Thank you

Hi @Galette,

We’ve looked into your account and the good news is that you don’t see any runs because those schedules were skipped! Those schedules were skipped because Rachio saw that the amount of precipitation predicted for those days was above your threshold. So for the 1st and the 4th, both of those schedules were skipped.

Unfortunately you didn’t see those skips because we had a gap in data, if you were curious about it, you can read more about it here.

Everything is now back to normal and we apologize for the confusion.

Cheers! :rachio:


That I know the schedules were skipped like the 8/11 but it is showing 8/11 0 min and it should show an extra 4 weather intelligence skips and 0 mins for 8/1 and 8/4

Yes you are correct, you will not see any usages for 8/1 or 8/4 because those schedules didn’t run but were skipped and unfortunately because of the data gap, you are not able to see it currently.

With that being said though, I looked into your zone usages and they all seem to be reflecting the correct usages on the correct days.

8/8, both of your schedules ran.
8/11, both schedules were Rain Skipped.
And this morning, Shrubs was saturation skipped but the Grass schedule ran which is why you are only see 3 historical WI skips.

Everything is looking great!

Cheers :rachio:

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