August schedule not adhering to watering day restrictions

I haven’t changed a thing on my end, but as soon as August rolled around my flex daily with An even days only and a morning watering only restriction in place suddenly started to schedule and run on odd days in the evening. I have double checked and tried to edit things but cannot seem to fix it. Any ideas?

Can you share your schedules and settings?

Definitely! Let me know what other screen grabs would help

Do you have just the one Schedule? Have you tried deleting it and setting up a new one?

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It’s the only schedule enabled. Deleted it and recreated it to the same issue… If I try a different schedule that I have (non flex) the even days actually works. Is it an issue with the full runtime being extra long that it thinks it needs to start so early the day before? Again it has worked fine for almost 3 years without any adjustments until suddenly in August it started choosing odd dates and evening starts

Oh let see the start times (Click on a water drop or share some history logs). That might actually be it @Gregav8! I saw your runtime is 8+ hours and you want it to end by 08:30.

Right and I’ve wondered the same. But the usual runtime is less than 4 hours. If I force the start time it will run on the correct day. Just don’t understand why it suddenly is trying to start in the evening of odd days. Here’s a July start time and an August one as well

@laura.bauman @franz thoughts here? This seems off.

If you look at the start times they are very different. The July start time is 01:08 so presumably it started on an even date. But the August start time is 20:55 so that pushes it back so it starts on the previous odd date. Perhaps I am wrong, but it seems to me that something changed between July and August to change the start time.

Yeah this is typically due to a change whereby the system has a “finish by” time and in order to do that it has to push back to a day where there is a restriction. If you adjust the “finish by” time up, I bet it waters on the correct days.


That was my thought too. He has a finish by 08:30 set up. But a 2 hour run/soak shouldn’t start at 20:00 the night before.

The schedule is 525 minutes, so runs for close to 9 hours :slight_smile:

Yes completely agree - a 9 hour run time with an 08:30 end has to start the day before. But, the screen shot for 11 August above only has two zones running. Is the start time calculation for flex daily based on all zones or just the ones which will run that day?

Unfortunately there is a known issue with flex daily schedules where it always starts as far back as it would need to support all of the zones watering. It’s a schedule stacking issue that has not been adjusted to start with only the zone runs for a particular day.


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