Aternate User Interface

I find the existing user interface to be poorly designed and gratuitously complicated. When I need to tune up my sprinklers, I find it difficult to remember each zone’s name, and “Alexa, ask Rachio to blah, blah, blah” is stupid. And who has an Echo outside?

I created this no-nonsense interface, and it’s 10 times better. You type in the number of seconds, then hit any button, and that zone runs.

If anybody wants to use it, I’ll generalize the website, so you can personalize it for your yard.

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Although awkward, people like voice control for adjusting or cleaning heads because their hands are wet, dirty or gloved and they don’t want to touch the phone. Once set up, “hey Google, start watering Lawn Left”, or “hey Google, stop watering” works fine. In theory, “hey Google, water Lawn Left” should also work, but for me, “what are lawn left” is heard, with a useless result.

But for many applications, your web page is awesome! Is it entirely in Javascript (I can save and run it locally), or does it involve back-end scripting? If the latter, what language is it written in, and what are the prerequisites? Does it run in the cloud, on a local machine, in a Pi, etc?