As needed schedule

Just plugged in the water as needed schedule. Just curious why the watering times are different for as needed vs the flex? Is it because of the average climate conditions that is part of this new schedule?

They will be very close, just derived a little differently. For example, one of my flex zones has a 23 minute runtime, and right now a water as needed has a 22 minute runtime with same characteristics, and each month it will fluctuate one or two minutes but that’s it. The main thing that will change is frequency.


I noticed when I created a schedule per zone, it was very close. When I created a schedule with multiple zones, not very close.

If similar typed zones everything should look very close. Once you add zones types (trees, shrubs, xeriscape) that should be watered on a different frequency times will definitely look different. Flex was exactly like this where it would run the zones at different cadences, you probably just didn’t notice since they might have all been in the same schedule.

Hope this helps.