“As Needed” doesn’t support odd/even days

How can I setup my schedule to be “as needed” but only water on odd days? My city ordinance is odd/even days but only want the “as needed” feature…

To handle a restriction, use either Specific Days or Interval schedules.

Water As Needed is great when it doesn’t matter when you water, but that doesn’t work when there are restrictions.

For Odd or Even days, select Interval and then you can pick either odd or even days.

Anything else I can help you with?

Isn’t this a suggestion forum? I think this needs to be a FEATURE - “As needed on odd days” or “As needed on even days” for people with restrictions - read the customer suggestions and support forums and the consumers want both features integrated… Until then I am forced to change my google ratings and amazon reviews to low marks…


I don’t think you get it - people are forced to water every other day with interval (odd/even days) and want to be able to water more “as needed” based on weather etc… like every 4 days or 6 days… grass roots grow deeper if you water less frequently and more volume in a specific time than every other day…

Hey @Dustin278, I would give a flex schedule a try which might help your predicament.

You can create one or mere here (https://flex-api.rach.io), which will then be editable in the normal app(s).

This will give you some background as to where we stand with our scheduling and our progress moving forward.

Thanks for your patience and appreciate the feedback.

Hi, I agree completely with Dustin. I like my Rachio but yesterday I wanted to schedule my watering times for even days and could not find that option. How is that possible? This device basically has the capacity to offer endless types of schedules yet does not offer even/odd days?? Was that a choice by the designers to leave it out? Or did they forget? As one fellow said, that is a huge oversight. My municipality mandates that households alternate watering on even and odd days depending on the civic house number. PLEASE change it and make that schedule available, as well as any other option that was missed. Here’s a tip, just look that the analog controllers (Railbird, Nelson) for ideas…thought that would have been already but it’s never too late.

Hey @Corramce62, a quick note: you can set up odd/even days with an Interval schedule. Thanks for the participation in the community!

I live in Oklahoma City and we have odd even watering. You can have as needed buy only allow watering on an odd or even day. Check the settings and I think you will find the odd even option. Rachio is a great product. I feel like I finally have sound water management.

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But you cannot use ODD/EVEN days if you use the new “As Needed” feature in settings… I can use ODD/EVEN days with any controller. With this “Smart” controller we expect more…

You keep reiterating this same thing, but do not seem to be paying attention to the message the community is trying to convey. If I wanted a dumb irrigation controller, I would have gotten one. Forcing watering on intervals defeats all of the benefits of less frequent irrigation that this product was once about and which this company was pleased to promote. Forcing as needed without intervals forces many to break the law.

This is a real step backwards. I am so glad I did not buy a gen2 and now regret encouraging others to buy in. In case the message remains unclear, this must be fixed.

Sounds like you are not understanding the managed allowable depletion model of irrigation practices. When the controller is programmed you select the plant type which has a default root depth. I am using the as needed or flex schedule with even watering days. Some days my controller runs every zone. Other days it might only water a few zones. Rachio has been tested through the SWAT program. Www.irrigation.org/swat. This product is not perfect, but I think it is the best smart controller on the market for homeowners. I don’t work for this company.

Lol… You show me how you select ODD/EVEN with the “As Needed” feature and I’ll listen to you. Until then get your facts straight before replying to me. Thanks

@Dustin278 For now, if you want odd/even restrictions you can use a flex schedule which will follow your restrictions and water when it determines your soil moisture levels are depleted or a fixed schedule that waters on every odd/even.

Our new schedule type (water as needed) unfortunately does not currently support those types of restrictions. We will be building those in at a later date.

In flex schedules each zone runs as an autonomous entity. They will be fully re-introduced with our next software release. If you’d like to add some and try them out you can add them here https://flex-app.rach.io and then edit in our normal web app or mobile apps. Here is some more context and information around flex schedules.


I would also like the feature to have as needed set on even days. While I am a rachio newb (Gen 2) this season, I also have a bit of anxiety seeing a plan to water every other even day.

My intitial as needed prior to factoring in the even watering day restriction was about 3x every 2 weeks.

I would strongly suggest diving into a flex schedule. It takes time to setup, but it appears far better than all the other options.

It has interval (odd/even) or select days.

The “as needed” is an attempt at making flex easier to comprehend , but in my opinion flex is the solution and just spend some time getting it setup correctly. It’s easy once you get beyond the “water x minutes every y days” mindset.


@spartyguy32 Good suggestions from @brkaus. It works great for some folks, and will be officially re-introduced in our 2.6 software release coming out next week. If you want an early copy just PM me your Apple (iOS) or Google (Android) email address.

Some more information.

Hope this helps!


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