As needed and moisture levels

Sorry if this is been asked, but I’ve been on as needed for a few days and my grass is now at 0 moisture level and won’t water for 2 more days on the 24th. Can you explain that thanks.

Those graphs are not in cadence with that schedule type. If you would like to have it mirror your watering the flex schedule type is the only current option. If you need to add a flex schedule you can use

Please know that we are listening, learning, and aggregating feedback for our next software releases.

Hope this helps.



I want to give the As Needed a chance so I’ll stick with that. However, for feedback, I will say that having a visual of what’s going in the ground is highly attractive to many consumers. My wife doesn’t care much about the smart devices I use in the house, especially not lawn care… but she thought it was cool and made sense when I could show how the grass waters when it hits the bottom. I’m willing to bet that a lot of consumers out there would love this feature to continue.

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Ok great thanks for sharing. Conceptually I like the idea. I’ll work with the product team regarding this feedback.


So now I’m really confused. I thought as needed was going through a similar calculation and estimating when it was dry enough that it needed water again.

If it is then it is in the background and different and there is no visual representation then?
Also does as needed then use all the data from the zone setup?
I keep reading about 12 months of historical data but that completely baffles me, what does historical have to do with evaporation this week when it’s a record high, or a record low, or rainfall etc. I can’t for the life of me figure out why the last 12 months matters at all?

I think I’m missing some key concepts on as needed and it now appears to be a huge step back from flex, maybe.

Historical data is all you can use if ppl are not reliably entering in the advanced zone details, which I assume was the problem.

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@garmanmd I would add that historical data is only used to plan out a predictable schedule, initially. This is what you’ll see in the calendar. However, the Climate Skip feature uses actual ET and precip to determine whether you can skip and make it to the next watering. Climate Skip is still doing similar calculations to flex behind the curtain, but at the moment there’s no visual for it and the moisture graph only syncs with flex. A visual, including but not limited to, the moisture graph is something we’re considering for all schedules.

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@garmanmd, WAN schedules do operate using a similar calculation; however it is based on a group of zones and not individually.


Moving forward, we ask that all As Needed schedule questions and feedback get posted to the thread below. Thanks!

Here’s a suggestion. When “filling” the tank manually, let user determine the percentage. This way I can fill to 100% without going over even if I just watered. Maybe have it learn. If I run a zone for the amount of time that I think makes it full, like just before run off happens but the rachio thinks I only filled it to 40% because of it’s calculations it can adjust to that zone’s actual requirements. I’ve had to “fill the tank” manually after watering so it doesn’t water the next day. I noticed that once I did this it then waited what seems to me an appropriate amount of time but the water level went over 100%.