Arizona Monsoon Thunderstorms


Are you serious? There hadn’t even been enough rain to wet the ground under my trees…



Back in the Valley now. Just in time for the excessive heat!
I know, I have been absent from the forum for a while. Missed all the chatter with you guys, too.
When I had the spare time, I was focusing on getting out and hiking and some night-sky photography–in among gardening chores, of course.:grinning:


Like a snow bird that has it backward.


:rofl: Never been referred to by that designation. Hmmm, backward?

Rachio has been taking good care of both gardens. I’ll post some pics of the berries and the orchard in the next day or two.


Bummer! Sounds like you got one of Arizona’s famous 12 inch rains–12 inches between the drops.:wink:

Maybe tomorrow. The monsoon is supposed to be active for the rest of the night and maybe the next couple of days. I’m keeping my fingers crossed.


Most people head up to the mountains when it gets hot. You came back!


My weather station reported a whopping .04"…meanwhile 5 miles from me, they get pounded…Gotta love AZ monsoons!

Here’s the days events from the weather station I use. Scroll to the bottom for a nice time lapse!


Here’s a better picture of the dust storm from yesterday @franz.


Wish I were a lady of leisure so I could spend the summer in cooler places!

The area up there is now under water restrictions due to excessive drought designation, but even though this “backward snowbird” is down here in the heat, it was very simple to create new schedules to accommodate the watering restrictions.

Couldn’t be a long-distance gardener without Rachio.:two_hearts:


NOPE NOPE NOPE. Thats crazy.


Got it @azdavidr


That’s not an Arizona 12-inch rain!


I think he is driving through a car wash.



And yet at home, 5 miles from previous picture…barely enough to wet the driveway…:rage:


Yet more rain than the driveway has seen for months. :wink:


I wonder what the crop coefficient of a driveway is :thinking:



Too soon?