Arizona Monsoon Thunderstorms


@tmcgahey yeah, I’m a native also (35) and I definitely do not remember the dust coming without any rain to knock it down.


I just shot this today. It seemed like a nice fit to this discussion regarding our crazy monsoon storms, not to mention the benefits of a good PWS. Talk about micro-climate activity…


Fascinating photo!


A couple days late, but got rain today, and apparently a lot of it! The PWS near me says .31" and was coming down at a max rate of 2.16 in/hr.


Bear in mind that weather stations require ongoing maintenance and calibration. But for some, this is an enjoyable hobby. Feel lucky the closest weather station is just 2.33 miles from my home.


True, in fact this storm makes me question the weather station that I have selected right now. It others in the area are showing anywhere from 1" to 1.30". Based on the water puddled in my yard, I tend to thing that it was closer to the 1"+ range.

But, like @azdavidr posted above, AZ monsoons can be incredibly localized our storms can be! My selected PWS is 1.3 miles west of me and measure .31", however PWS’s 1.1 - 3.3 miles south and/or east of me measured 1 - 1.3"+.


Here are some issues with trying out a nearby PWS.


Interesting reading for those of us dealing with monsoon storm activity.

Thanks to @sunny for the AMWUA master link that led me to this article.


She’s comin!



@tmcgahey - and @azdavidr I am in surprise AZ send some of the rain :cloud_with_rain: this way it’s cloudy out here :partly_sunny:️ but no rain yet.


Can we just send a whole bunch of dust, and then about 300 raindrops so it makes a mess of your car? That’s what seems to happen in the East Valley most of the time.


@azdavidr - you can keep the dust send me the 300 raindrops.


Yeah, I just see dark clouds, no rain there.


Believe it or not the crap under the clouds is dust. My phone has been blowing up with dust storm warnings within the last 1/2 hour. We had one come through last night too. I have this relatively new smart air purifier at home. When the dust storm came through late in the evening it let me know that dust gets into the house too.


Well, looks like it was short lived, at least in my area…still some thunder in the distance and a few sprinkles…

And @azdavidr, just enough to smear the dust on my 20 mile drive home…


Exactly! Drives me nuts.


Woo Hoo! An Arizona monsoon! Temps dropped to 73° and at the moment we have received 0.37 in of rain. Finally an end to that miserable dry spell!

So much for my rain dance. That didn’t do it. Washing the car and cleaning the pool guaranteed a storm.


@azdavidr - thanks for send it my way instead of 300 raindrops I only got 3.


Hey @sunny, are at you at your place up in the mountains? Good to hear from you!