Are your neighbors still watering in the rain? (GIVEAWAY)

Tell them to get with the times and buy a Rachio controller!

Now through Memorial Day, buyers will receive a $50 gift card with their new controller.

To sweeten the pot, we are doing a little giveaway for all of our great Rachio Community members! Reply to this post with your best “Rachio Sales Pitch”. Why do you love your controller, and why do you think people should join Team Rachio?

Whoever receives the most :hearts:s will get some exclusive mystery Rachio swag! I’ll even get @franz and @emil to autograph something.

Let the games begin :iro:


I will certainly participate, but I still wish that Rachio had a store online to purchase yard signs, T-shirts and door hangers. I would walk my entire neighborhood and deliver door hangers. Anyway to get a yard sign?


Here is my sales pitch:

Hey, I noticed this morning (which I did) that you were watering after it rained yesterday. I used technology last year to reduce my water usage, help save the environment and even more importantly save money! I reduced my watering bill last year by 50% and my lawn still looked great, don’t you agree?

I purchased a Rachio Iro smart controller that has a flexible schedule so it’s able to water on a different schedule every day based on what is needed! it uses the internet for forecast and then based on the sun, soil and other factors, it adjusts how much water is needed to keep your lawn green without over watering.

Even better, I just installed a Personal weather station which you can also use that allows it become even more accurate based on the micro climate in our neighborhood.

Sounds great? right?

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@robertokc Let me pass this along, I love it!

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Guess I win by default :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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Well… uhh… my Rachio was watering in the rain after I set it up, and probably still will if forecast precipitation won’t bring a zone up to 100%. That probably isn’t very helpful though. :smiley:

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I have convinced both my brothers and brother in lawn to switch to team Rachio solely on the fact that they can control their zone’s with their iPhone. The weather intelligence, moisture levels, and easy to set scheduling is just a plus in their books!

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Hahahahahaha @scorp508 I don’t know if I would buy after that :joy: and @ghctim I’m holding out for some competition! @Striker169 coming in with a good sell…

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You can lead a horse to water, but you can’t make him conserve it. That’s were the Rachio Iro smart sprinkler controller excels. What began as a quest to help a sweet little ol’ lady make sure her fancy-leafed caladium and fiddle leaf ficus, as well as the lawn, got the proper amount of water turned me into an early supporter of this team in Colorado.

Now I can keep my eye on that sweet little ol’ lady’s lawn and garden from several hundred miles away. Should she call me to say she thinks the veggie beds look a bit dry, I can change the schedule for her. No more over- or under-watering! Gardeners learn by trowel and error, but the Iro is a smart controller. It learns from your settings and automatically adjusts to weather and seasonal changes.

The Rachio Iro appeals to the techie in me, but if you can type LOL on your smartphone, you can connect the Iro to your home wi-fi. Should you have any questions setting up your smart controller, the customer support from Rachio is exemplary.

The Rachio team is not content to sit back, put their feet up and enjoy their lawn, but continue to make improvements and provide updates to this smart controller.

Be sure to find out if your local water provider is offering rebates on purchases of smart irrigation controllers for water conservation. Mine does!

Disclaimer: I am an avid gardener and I do love playing in the dirt, and while I am not being paid huge sums of money to write this promotional message, I am the proud owner of a Rachio T-shirt.


So… Winners?

Alright guys, I will be passing along your responses to the Rachio team to vote on. However, everyone will be getting a little swag for contributing. Check your DMs for a discount code to our Sweet Swag Store (official name).


Oh, wait! Just for grins. How about a tagline?

Choosy gardeners choose Rachio.


Rachio–Gardener tested, gardener approved.



Rachio… we don’t know how to pronounce it either


Install a Rachio Controller…and (in an Italian voice)…forget about it!


Do you have yard signs for purchase?

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