Are They Too Busy?

We’re in the middle of a heatwave but I’m on my own with the watering. Zones 1-6 will not run, 7-12 are fine. The bad lines won’t run manually, either with the app or on the unit (Gen 2), or on their schedule. It thinks it’s running, though. 1-8 are wired on the same side, so it’s not a problem there. We have done some digging but it’s run since then, so we didn’t hit anything.

What’s upsetting me the most is I put a ticket in to Rachio for help on Thursday, 6/6. It’s now Tuesday afternoon, 6/11. They’re gone for the day now so if they reach back tomorrow morning first thing, excluding the weekend, it will be 90 something hours for a response. HELP, RACHIO, HELP!!!

@sandie - if you can find a valve for zones 1 - 6 there should be a way to manually activate the valve with either a bleed screw or turning the solenoid. If when manually activated water comes out of the zone, then the issue is electrical. Since there are multiple zone impacted, there is a high probability the issue is with the common wire - probably a connection somewhere. This can also be tested using an ohm meter to measure resistivity down the Common wire and back through a zone when the wires are disconnected from the Rachio.

Have you tried swapping a wire from 1-6 and 7-12 to see if the swapped zones run (would confirm that that the issue isn’t with the Rachio).

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