Archivo Gen 3 in Chile

Hi everyone!
I definitely want to get a gen 3 to control my system!
I live in Santiago, Chile, so I was wondering if it will work here straight out of the box or I will need an electric adaptor like the gen 2 does (as I found out after reading other threads in this community).
Thanks for your help!


@jotajota - the Gen 3 uses the same type power adapter as the Gen 2 - US/Canada based 120V. However, there may be a bigger issue for use in Chile. The Gen 3 has a radio for two way communication with the Rachio wireless flow meter. That radio uses a band in the 900 MHz range. That band may be used for other purposes in Chile as it is the US/Canada standard. Rachio is not allowed to directly sell the Gen 3 outside of the US and Canada right now.

Gen 2 will work fine, with a proper power adapter. And @Franz has stated Rachio is researching how to bring Gen 3 to the rest of the world.

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Dear DLane,
Thank you very much for your fast response!
I will try to find out what we use the 900 Mhz band width here in Chile. Worst case scenario, if I don’t want to use the wireless flow meter, would I still be able to use the gen 3 here in Chile? (Using the proper electric adapter as with the Gen 2 of course).
Do you know if Franz’s Solution will be software or hardware-based? I am thinking of buying the gen 3 during a trip to the USA next week and bring it back to Chile, but if the solution is hardware-based I should then wait for it to be ready before buying it.
Thanks again for your help!
Best regards from Chile!


@Jotajota - I’m not a Rachio employee, I’m just an end user. So I don’t have any visibility into Rachio’s plans.

I would presume that the solution will be hardware to use the proper 900 MHz band for non-US/Canada locations according to ITU. This will add more complexity to Rachio by having additional SKUs.

There is a topic about Gen 3 being illegal in Australia as they have the same issue.

I’d recommend the Gen 2 to be legal, as if there are problems with the Gen 3 - then you’d be on the hook for it.

Thank you very much for your advice!