Apple HomeKit Zones Don't Show Up

I have a problem that I haven’t found in the forums.
I have a Rachio 3 on the latest firmware 5.632. I had no problem installing it or setting up on HomeKit from the get-go. I followed the HomeKit thread extensively.

In the Home app all I see is the status “Off” or “Running”. Sometimes when I click on the tile I can see my enabled zones and their control toggle, but other times it only goes right to settings with no way to get the controls.

Controller is still on the Wifi, still controllable from Rachio app, and status in Home is accurate.

Is there a known reason for this?

Here’s what I see in the Home app when its not working:


When it is working as expected, I can see my controls and the Zone settings:

Here’s where I would start:

  • Reboot all devices between your phone and the Rachio (iPhone, all WiFi access points and network devices, the Rachio itself)
  • Remove your Rachio from HomeKit and then re-add it

Thanks. I did both of these things before posting. Actually, if I do restart any of the devices it does go back to working for a while, but no more than an hour I’d say.

What’s your WiFi setup like? Do you have a device that is set up as a HomeKit Hub? (AppleTV, Home Pod, iPad)

I have Airport Extreme + Express Repeater. Yes, an Apple TV as primary Home Hub and an iPad as standby hub.

Hm, there’s a lot of hopping around in that system. I’d be willing to bet your issues are due to one of those devices not handling it properly. I’d start by disabling the repeater entirely and the iPad as a hub, to try and narrow down what’s causing the issue.

Sure, I’ll do some additional troubleshooting on my network, though I would not place that bet. My main reason for posting was to see if anyone had seen and successfully fixed this issue. I’ll contact support for further help.

I have random but brief moments where my Rachio actually works on HomeKit. Sometimes I see my actual zone names as they are defined on the Rachio and other times, I see just Zone 1, Zone 2, etc. Most of the time, I just get no response. None of the troubleshooting suggestions have fixed that.

In your case, I agree with the suggestion to remove the iPad as a hub. It really seems to cause problems for a lot of folks. That’s where I would start. I wouldn’t mess with your WiFi config yet. Try just removing the iPad as a hub and reboot your Apple TV plus also power cycle the Rachio and also reboot whatever iOS device you are using to run the Home app and see what you get.

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Yeah, I removed the iPad as a standby hub. It didn’t have any effect.
I reset my Apple TV as well. No change.
I also removed my Airport Express. Note the Rachio has always been connected to my main AP. This had no effect.
Rebooting usually works from anywhere to 30 minutes to a few hours.

I’m not going to change my network setup unless Rachio can give me specific changes to try. I have many other HomeKit devices and other devices on my network that have no issue, so I’m not going to upend everything for the sole item that doesn’t work right. I opened a support case early in the week but they have not responded yet.

Sounds like you have done everything reasonable. I hope Rachio figures it out.

Having same issue!

In nearly every Rachio 3 connectivity complaint I’ve seen there have been what my experience tells me are less-than-optimal WiFi networks. Mesh networks, repeaters, APs known to interfere with certain types of service availability broadcast traffic, etc.

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