Apple HomeKit working again

I was installing a new Apple HomeKit plug and instead of scanning, I selected more options. I was surprised to see me my Rachio 3 as a selection to add to HomeKit. I entered the Apple HomeKit code and it was installed. After all these years, it’s back. I checked my friends, his also showed up. Amazing, I thought HomeKit was dead on Rachio, at least it has been.

Mine works too and have not reinstalled it! It keeps saying there is an update available and my zone names are Zone 1, Zone 2, etc. Will reconnect to see if I can get the zone names right (can change them in the Home app too but meh!) and if that update message goes away, brb

Later edit: removed it and can’t add it back. Pouring outside, will try restarting Rachio a bit later, weather permitting

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Removed the homekit accessory only to fail to add it. After restarting my apple tv (the one acting as a hub) and the rachio, was able to add it back. It still says there is an available update, and the zone names are not transferred over, you get Zone 1, Zone 2, etc. but you can manually rename them in homekit. It works! :champagne: