Apple HomeKit for iOS


@JGreg thats quite an update.


You seem pretty clueless as to how Homekit actually handles functions like keeping your doors locks, alarms armed…baby.

#169 the code is out? also: Preview version new user system, Rachio cloud push and Lovelace goes wild:


Actually, it seems like a lot of folks in this thread (which goes back to 2015) do… based on the number of “potential customers” that took the time to create a forum account here just to make their one post that basically says “I won’t buy a Rachio until it has Siri because I’m specifically interested in how HomeKit securely communicates between the devices”.


Another month has passed and still not a peep as to what, if anything, is happening. @franz @mckynzee … anyone … anyone???


The eve device is now available to purchase from Apple …


apple hasn’t bought this company? (looking for answers :face_with_monocle:)


Hopefully, that hardware requirent can be handled by purchasing a bridge rather than Rachio 3 owners needing to upgrade their controller.


Also shopping for an irrigation controller that works with HomeKit. I would buy this today if it was…


As the troublemaker that started this post back in June of 2014 I am still holding out hope that we will one day see HomeKit support in Rachio. Frankly, at this point I would just be fine with “we have no plans of ever supporting HomeKit” instead of the “we have nothing to announce routine”.


Sprinkler profile is out in public release. With iOS 12. No excuse now. Should have had beta test done and ready to roll out with iOS 12 release. Let’s see what they say now.


@06ajtayl - the sprinkler profile is just like the group Facetime chat. Apple announced it as a feature of iOS 12, but as of iOS 12.0 it isn’t in the released product. I did see where group Facetime is in beta 1 of iOS 12.1. Who knows if it will make the released version of iOS 12.1. I’d keep my powder dry until the release notes for an iOS 12 version says the sprinkler profile for Homekit has been released/is supported.


well if true it’s apples bad (not unusual). Sprinklers not listed prior to ios12. Now listed.


@06ajtayl - Yep. Those graphics were posted in this community 5 days ago -


Gen 3 now offfers HomeKit. What about all of the Gen 2 users. What gives.


Hey @nkaw! Great question. Read below for more on Generation 2:



This is a nothing but a legal bait and switch scene from Rachio. They saw chamberlain doing it with the garage door but at least chamberlain gave their new hub away for free. I’m disgusted by Rachios business practices and I Will never by another one of your products again. Shame on you all


Hey @Toe7685!

We promise that we had nothing but good intentions with the HomeKit integration. We tried incredibly hard to make it work on the Generation 2 controllers, but ultimately it just wasn’t possible.

However, I plan to share your feedback with our team for further discussion. I apologize for the disappointment.

-Lo :rachio:


Chamberlain didn’t give me a free hub! They made me pay for it … I did get about a $30 discount, but it wasn’t free!!


They sent a email to forums members and it was huge uproar. Here’s chamberlains responses : “all members who had joined the MyQ Community on or before 9/30/17 received an email re: this promotion at the start of the month. We hope you’ll become an active member of the MyQ Community and take advantage of any future promotions that you find valuable.
MyQ Community members who have already purchased a MyQ Home Bridge on or before 9/30/2017 can receive a refund by following this link

Please note – this offer is valid through 10/15/17 for MyQ community members with proof of purchase."