Apple HomeKit for iOS




Another +1 for HomeKit.


Count me in this group too. I’m looking to purchase a Rachio but won’t be doing so until they support Homekit. Especailly in light of the recent DDoS attacks.


I don’t see where HomeKit itself supports irrigation products?! This picture is from Apple’s 2016 WWDC.


I’m waiting for HomeKit. You guys avoided adding the security in the first place and look at all the hacks / bots popping up in similar unprotected internet devices


+1 for me…I am not a Amazon Echo owner and don’t plan to be.


I would love to purchase Rachio, I have a large yard and need two 16 port controllers. As soon as HomeKit support is announced for a definitive product, I will purchase, even if HomeKit support is not fully functional. Trying to build a future-proof :wink: system that primarily uses HomeKit, so no longer purchasing anything that does not.


Another owner waiting for HomeKit support! Amazon and Google are not on my list.




+1, waiting for purchase until HomeKit support





I’d rather see some real home automation integration by adding a Z-Wave Plus radio.


@scorp508 First -1 I’ve received on the community :joy:


Yeahhh… I suspect there will be more. :sweat_smile: I’ve been known to not agree with the masses on things.

We have iOS devices in our home… but Homekit I just find to be like playing with Playskool toys.




Huge +1

I’ve been excitedly waiting for this service to adopt HomeKit since the early days of Rachio! I’m sad to see that HomeKit is still not supported. The very day it is supported, I will pick this up!


WWDC 2017 HomeKit slide shows SPRINKLERS


I was wondering how long it would take someone that was stalking WWDC 2017 to post about HomeKit.

@franz I guess Rachio is now on the clock, no longer can the response be HomeKit doesn’t support it.

Before the Apple fan club in the community start hounding @franz or @emil or @mckynzee about when Rachio integration with Homekit will be available, please remember that sprinkler support in HomeKit just got announced and Rachio will probably need some time to figure out the integration, etc. And we’ll probably need to wait for iOS 11 to support this version of HomeKit. Plus, Rachio is still knee (waist, neck?) deep in V3 development. I personally am looking forward to the improved scheduling around allowed watering times rather than HomeKit support. Just my $0.02.


For me, HomeKit is priority. And then comes everything else


Apple Slide at 71:03 into the keynote clearly shows Rachio, not just SPRINKLERS. Its not going to be an update to existing hardware…