Apple HomeKit for iOS


Yes, please, to HomeKit integration.


I concur HomeKit Please!!! I have 2 2nd Gen systems and would like homekit to be added


For all those who say homekit has no support they don’t know what there talking about there literally dozens of devices available now. It is not a marketing tool. It is also being integrated into iOS10 with the new Home App.


As for what Franz is saying it is not being dishonest to say currently they don’t support homekit, because it is the truth, they don’t. But he also said that they want to in the future. Homekit is not as easy as other home integration systems out there because is requires secure hardware connections which not of the other services do, I have had several zwave and wink compatible items get hacked because of this, so I will wait for homekit integration done right. Franz can’t tell you something that is not there yet or even if they are currently working on it because of corporate security. Most companies don’t offer info like that until they have a working model in hand and even then very rarely, until it is ready to ship.


Maybe you misread, HomeKit does not currently support the idea of irrigation. It’s supposed to be coming and unless it has been added recently rachio can begin until it exists.

I know someone that has an nda with apple on HomeKit and he/she says it is not feasible yet, but that could have changed in the last 3 months


ehhh if he/she has an NDA they just violated it!!! :slight_smile:


That’s what friends are for. Plus, Apple knows this happens. They just want legal recourse when someone builds an open source bridge.


No misreading, I understand the irrigation model has not been added, but there are those here that I have read that think home kit is a fad or just a marketing gimmick it is not. A secure hardware environment takes time to implement unlike most of the other home automation schemes on the market that are basically software driven.


Would really like to see HomeKit compatibility here. I’m slowly adding smart devices to my house but I won’t add anything that doesnt have HomeKit compatibility as our entire electronic eco system is Apple.


Agree with HomeKit, would really love to see this integration! Love the Rachio Gen2 and think HomeKit would make for a very solid user base for Rachio as a company. Understand from reading through this post that there are a number of challenges, however…


You need to take it up with Apple, not rachio…

Homekit Integration

Umm, No. That is not correct. There are hardware requirements that need to be implemented in order for a product to be homekit compatible. So it is up to Rachio to implement that, not Apple.


well aware of the hardware requirement but HomeKit needs irrigation support first, you can’t get certified if they don’t support it, dig through api and you will see what I’m talking about.

Plus if you have gen 2, iOS and some curiosity you will see that the hardware is there, how do you think it latches onto the wifi without entering a password?

I don’t k ow for certain the hardware is compatible but I do know that apple will not allow rachio software to access the wifi password, nor will the kernel transmit it to a remote server without a certain level of integration with wac which from my understanding Shares a lot of commonality with HomeKit encryption


These guys claim that the Gen2 hardware is HomeKit compatible:


Very interesting read George. Thanks for posting that.


I’m hoping to begin a topic and discussion around homekit integration. I’m interested in your roadmap regarding decisions to support or not support any specific technology (especially when it specifically correlates to your product space). It seems Homekit integration has been of interest to the community as far back as 2014. Thanks, I look forward to the discussion.


Unfortunately, on September 13th, they removed the references to Apple HomeKit. Strange…


Please add my vote for the addition of at least being able to control the app through Siri.


Are people’s concerns based on security or convenience? I’m not an IT expert so I can’t comment from that side, but from a convenience stand point, I don’t think another app is going to kill anyone (half of you probably have 5 different versions of angry birds loaded on your phones right now - I’d be more worried about that). In addition to that, once you get it dialed in you shouldn’t be playing around in the app much. I log in to goof around and check the forums more than I do to make adjustments. Set it to flex and go about your life.