App won’t run zones

Installed Rachio 3 successfully a week ago. Ran all zones and everything was fine. Set up a schedule everything ran through Monday As scheduled.

Tuesday and Wednesday did not run because of a rain delay.

Today is Wednesday, a rain delay day, I cannot run any of the zones manually From the app. I can turn them on at the valves and they are fine. What gives??

Yes I unplugged and re-plugged that didn’t help. I signed out of the app and signed back in. Tested all the valves manually in the ground and they all turn on/off just fine.

If it is a rain delay day can you not turn on the zones manually with the app? I fixed a sprinkler head and I want to test it

Thanks!! Jill

A Quick Run can be done at any time, even in standby mode.

When you try a Quick Run manually, do you get an error message, or does it appear to start normally (counting down time, etc.)? If the app shows it running normally, look at the controller and report whether the indicator light for the zone has lit up.

If you get an error, try visiting and try a Quick Run from there and report results.

Does your system involve a master valve or pump?

It counts down like it’s running, no errors. The light pulses on the controller like it’s running but nothing happens. I’ve attached a picture of my setup

Tried using the URL too, same results. Light pulses on the box but nothing happens

If you have a multimeter, check for about 24 VAC between the red and white wires (while zone 3 should be running). If ok there, check at the valve.

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Control wire problem, all is well!

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