App UI Feedback with Wifi Hub

I finally started hooking up my hose timers. There are a few things that felt unintuitive to me:

I would have thought there was a way to add a wifi hub. No, not by adding a hose timer, but by just adding a wifi hub. This seems especially significant in that I asked on the forum how many timers a hub can support, and the advice was four. I’m going to need five (maybe six), so it doesn’t feel intuitive to set out in this manner.

For me, if a wifi hub is controlling X hose timers, that makes the hub analogous to a controller. It ought to be reflected in the UI that way.

Why is a hose timer a first class object? Why is it right there with the gen3 and the hub on the UI?

While I don’t yet have a second hub (and am hoping by the time I get to my fifth hose timer you’ll have relented and decided a hub can handle more than four timers), but if I did it makes me wonder in advance what the installation path would be.

Seems one should be able to set up a hub and have it stand right there next to the controllers. Seems one should be able to take a hub and add a new timer to it.