App "Schedule'/'History' Screens

The SCHEDULE page in the App needs some type of Sorting ability - either via a User-activated slider, or if that is not feasible, an alphabetical sorting. That way the Active schedules can be sorted to the top of the page and more easily verified.

The HISTORY page needs to be much less cluttered so that the User can look back at multiple days to observe schedule runs. If the User needs to see the granular zone-by-zone run, that could be available in a sub-screen. Also, for clarity, the date/time group of the schedule run should be plainly visible such as “2018.07.06 MAIN Yard Schedule ran for 100 min”. Each calendar scheduled run should occupy one line. If a manual run was instituted by the User it should show “Manual Run for 3 min” with details available on the sub-screen. This would greatly enhance the User’s ability to troubleshoot schedules and runtimes from the App.

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