App says it is watering, but water isn’t coming out

I have the Rachio 2. It was installed last summer and worked great. I receive notifications that watering occurred, but got suspicious when I noticed my yard turning brown. I tried running a manual cycle which appeared to operate normally, but no water was coming out. Nobody has touched the controller, it has power, no digging and I have reset the box. Need help quick, lawn is going fast!

the first question to get out of the way is if the irrigation system’s water supply has been turned on? It’s easy to forget especially if winterized by a yard maintainer.

Thanks for the response. I know I did not turn the water off, and we don’t have anyone that maintains for us. I’ll double check, but don’t think that’s the issue.

Next would be to double check the wiring at the controller (all pushed in) and at the valves (common wire didn’t come loose out of a wire nut or electrical tape etc). Also manually activate zones at the bleed valves to verify water supply. If all looks good electrically and mechanically, the odds get higher that there’s something amiss with the controller & opening a support ticket becomes necessary.

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