settings set to Metric but dashboard displays gallons

Hi there I’m new to Rachio and I believe I have things setup to my liking however there is one thing that is bugging me. I live in Canada and have my units set to Metric however on the main dashboard where it displays water usage and savings it has it in gallons, though I think the number is actually litres but the unit displayed is gallons.

Thanks for the feedback @huydnguyen I’ll look into it…

@Dan, no problem. So I took a look at the iOS app vs web app and noticed that the numbers are the same however on iOS it says 6519 Liters used and on it says 6519 Gallons used. I’m assuming iOS reading is correct but I haven’t looked into how much water is actually used by my system as I just had the entire thing installed.

@huydnguyen Interesting…

@Dan i just installed the app on my android phone and here are the readings I get, it is not consistent across all the platforms.

Water Use

14,136 Liters Used
6,470 Liters Saved

51,942 Litres Used
24,489 Litres Saved

14,136 Gallons Used
6,470 Gallons Saved

Keep in mind my system is set to use metric units. Its inconsistent not only in the conversion but even the spelling. I’m guessing the Android version is correct although 51942 litres used seems really high, though I don’t know since i’ve never had an irrigation system before. I have been running my system everyday as instructed since I just had it installed.

Great feedback @huydnguyen I’ll look into it and let you know when a fix is out for the web…

Dan :rachio: