on a PC Win 7 using IE uses continuously 25% CPU

Improvement suggestion: on a PC Win 7 using IE (all most current versions) continuously uses about 25% of all CPU resources. Improve efficiency of code to not use so much computing resources.

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what IE version? 32 or 64 bit windows? and browser?

Ver 11.0.9600.17914 (most current available)
64 bit Windows

It uses 8 - 10% on my setup. In Chrome it uses almost nothing. Definitely looks like something is going on there.

IE 11 / Win 8 / x64

Adding this to our backlog… The web app is fairly complex and uses several forward looking technologies that IE often doesn’t support, which requires additional code, which in turn requires more computing resources. I’ll look for ways to minimize this…

Thanks for the input!

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Supporting IE is a nightmare.


Noticed the same thing. Burns 10-20% in both IE on Windows 8.1 and Edge on Windows 10. Chrome is better, but still runs 5%+ when nothing is going on. Have to close the app in order to bring CPU usage back down to normal. Definitely worth fixing, as a web client really shouldn’t be burning CPU time at all when idle.

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